Spring 2020 stallholder winner - Cuttleslowe Horticultural Therapy & Garden Centre

I am very touched and very proud to have been chosen  as a Stallholder Spring winner 2020! I joined Cuttleslowe Horticultural therapy & Garden Centre last autumn.

It is a wonderful place situated amongst the gorgeous Cuttleslowe Park.

Michaela, one of the organisers is a very special person, with very big heart!

Do pop in with your family and do not miss the very special "Jungle" visit. Your little ones will love it!! :-)


Here is Sid... watercolour cat. It took a little while before finding him a name and through Facebook "name the Cat" game, his name got chosen.

He seems very attentive... meeeeooowwwwww :-)

Daphne (the Ostrich hair do)

The first pure watercolour in my collection.

Love the sense of satisfaction on that little face! A friend suggested to call her Sabrina; another one suggested Margo.

What name would you give her?

New Year, new work

Long time since my last blog.

My latest two...

"Friends Forever" is made using acrylic paint, without paper collage. I was inspired by one of my mum's painting with this one. Love the elephant/stork cuddle :-)

"The Maestro" is mixed media, acrylic & paper collage. Not sure where the inspiration came from on this one. I wanted to have a music theme and some funky blue sheep just popped up! Although my perspective is not great, you may notice that they are standing on top of each other.

And why not?

Christmas cards are ready!

My first ever Christmas cards are now ready on my website. They are fun and good value... Have a look :-)

You will find some funny sheep, a snowman full of love, a little bird cosy on a branch and a cool dude llama :-)