Digital art

It seems that I can't get enough of digital art!!

Since discovering digital technology during lockdown 2020, I have spent hours sketching, painting and drawing on my iPad and trying to develop my style.

I find inspiration all around me,  often using holiday photos as a reference hence quite a few seascapes in my recent collection...

Here are my latest pieces.

It has been a while...

A year has gone by since my last blog... and what an eventful year it has been, mostly due to Covid, which has disrupted everyone's life in so many ways.

Home schooling, furlough amongst many other reasons, I "paused" for a few months.

During this time, I have discovered, thanks to my 12 year-old daughter, the fun of digital technology. Using my mini iPad and a simple App and I was able to sketch, draw, paint, whenever, wherever. I have created my latest collection named "Grownups" in my Art Shop. A few of the pieces were created from photos taken away at the seaside... a need for escapism? Probably.

I have now signed up for some virtual exhibitions which are starting end March/early April until May, with the Chilterns MS Centre in Wendover and Oxfordshire Artweeks (for the 3rd consecutive year). Details of exhibitions can be found in the Home Page.

Watch this space!

Spring 2020 stallholder winner - Cuttleslowe Horticultural Therapy & Garden Centre

I am very touched and very proud to have been chosen as the Stallholder Spring winner 2020! I joined Cuttleslowe Horticultural therapy & Garden Centre last autumn.

It is a wonderful place situated amongst the gorgeous Cuttleslowe Park, Summertown, Oxford.
Michaela, one of the organisers is a very special person, with very big heart!

Do pop in with your family and do not miss the very special "Jungle" visit. Your little ones will love it!! :-)


Here is Sid... watercolour cat. It took a little while before finding him a name and through Facebook "name the Cat" game, his name, Sid, was chosen.

Catlicious... meeeeooowwwwww :-)

Daphne (the Ostrich hair do)

The first pure watercolour in my collection.

Love the sense of satisfaction on that little face! A friend suggested to call her Sabrina; another one suggested Margo.

What name would you give her?