Bicester Festival - Art Exhibition 20-21-22 September 2019

For the 2nd consecutive year, Bicester Festival is happening where the community gets creative and shares their work at the festival, creating, making and taking part. The event will be located all around Bicester and the StudiO2 Building at the old St Edburg's School will be busy displaying the work from various local artists.

I am preparing for the event and hope to see you there! :)

Magic Planet

My aliens have finally arrived! With the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1st man landing on the moon, I thought it would be an idea to land my little boy on a "magic planet"... here he is being welcome by a couple of long arms-small legs creatures, with big smiles on :)

Kirtlington Summer fete: so much happening on Saturday 29/06/19!

For the first time, I will be joining Kirtlington's Summer fete this year. I am really looking forward to it as there is so much entertainment all day long... Falconry, vintage vehicle display, Silver Band, etc... There will be several stalls in the hall and on the field offering a variety of shopping and entertainment.

And I will be displaying for the first time my "Fairy Meadows" and "Japanes Garden"!

Looking forward to seeing you :)

I just love Fairies... "Fairy Meadows"

This is the latest Fairy in my collection... I experimeted with the blending of purple/pink/orange for the sky. I love the blue of her hair that goes so well with the gorgeous blue of the full moon.

Hope you like it :)

Japanese Garden: my latest

I have had this beautiful pieces of paper for a while... reminded me of the Far East, Geisha, Japan... I've had the idea to work on that theme and here it is... Mum and daughter enjoying a beautiful and peaceful garden. I feel the tones of yellow and red in the background draw you to the picture and a sense of tranquillity emerges.
Hope you like it :)