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Christmas cards are ready!

My first ever Christmas cards are now ready on my website. They are fun and good value... Have a look :-)

You will find some funny sheep, a snowman full of love, a little bird cosy on a branch and a cool dude llama :-)

1 year ago...

One year ago, I launched Arty Kiddy with mixed emotions... excitement, joy, pride but also a certain amount of anxiety... I was out of my comfort zone; I did not have any knowledge of the art world and did not know anyone in the creative art sector. Social media were totally foreign to me...It has been a roller-coaster my friends! Over the months, I have met so many amazing artists, so many supportive people and have received a lot of encouragement; it has been worth every moment.

Today I would like to thank all of you Lovely People who follow my Page, who crossed my path and offered me precious advice; from the bottom of my heart... thank you!!
A big merci :)

"By the Sea" added on my website today...

Although it is already almost October... I'm still feeling in holiday mood. I have just finished this one which makes me want to run back to the seaside. This time, 2 characters in my picture... a little mix of colours...

Enjoy :)

Magic Planet

My aliens have finally arrived! With the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1st man landing on the moon, I thought it would be an idea to land my little boy on a "magic planet"... here he is being welcome by a couple of long arms-small legs creatures, with big smiles on :)