Children living with Art

Parents want the best for their child, did you know the arts help develop emotion, creativity, reason and logic? Soooo, here is the question: how do YOU make children explore art (v craft) in general? The theory is that any exposure to real art is good! And with this, you get the fab opportunity to learn with your children and rediscover art yourself :)
Studies show that when children get into art, they are more empathetic and more involved in their communities. They have higher career goals, better critical thinking skills, and better academic outcome. Yet, schools are increasingly finding art is squeezed out of their curriculum in favor of more "useful" subjects. Today, there's so much emphasis on testing and standards...
The first thing to understand about art is that there is no right and wrong. With art, you encourage children's creativity. It's good to be different and remember... you don't have to know everything to start a conversation on art with them, you just have to be curious and open up their mind: "what's happening?, what do you see?, what makes you think that?". Keep exploring "what else can we find?".
It's all about having fun, fun fun!!

I have a new addition to my collection this week... "Moonlight". A friend of mine asked me recently to explore the "fairy world"... a lot of vibrant colours, a peaceful scenery... Here it is, hope you like it :)