"By the Sea" added on my website today...

Although it is already almost October... I'm still feeling in holiday mood. I have just finished this one which makes me want to run back to the seaside. This time, 2 characters in my picture... a little mix of colours...

Enjoy :)

The Manor Festival of Food & Drink 29/09/19, Weston on the Green nr Bicester

The Manor Festival of Food and Drink and Village fete are opening their doors on Sunday 29 September offering a large variety of activities to the public and over 50 craft, food and drink stalls, both on the lawn and in the Manor.
I will be displaying and selling my artwork on the day for the first time.

Come & join and have a fun day out!

Bicester Festival - Art Exhibition 20-21-22 September 2019

For the 2nd consecutive year, Bicester Festival is happening where the community gets creative and shares their work at the festival, creating, making and taking part. The event will be located all around Bicester and the StudiO2 Building at the old St Edburg's School will be busy displaying the work from various local artists.

I am preparing for the event and hope to see you there! :)

Magic Planet

My aliens have finally arrived! With the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1st man landing on the moon, I thought it would be an idea to land my little boy on a "magic planet"... here he is being welcome by a couple of long arms-small legs creatures, with big smiles on :)