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Wolvercote Primary School, Oxford - Christmas Market

My first Christmas market this year took place at Wolvercore Primary School, it was a busy and exciting one...

A lot of visitors came along and they seemed very interested in the description of the process I use to create my work. I brought along an original piece and they could see the "before" (with the paint and paper) on the canvas and the "after" (the final print).

There were many stalls holders! My greeting cards were a big success!

A great day at Wolvercote primary school Christmas market, my 1st one ever!

Wolvercote School organised a fantastic market on 10/11/18 and despite being my first one, the set up and the day went extremely smoothly. It was busy and I met a bunch of brilliant stall holders including Sarah who sold very yummy home-made jams (I couldn’t help it, I had to buy some), conserves, Christmas cakes... I received some great feed back and it was very encouraging. Thank you!