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"By the Sea" added on my website today...

Although it is already almost October... I'm still feeling in holiday mood. I have just finished this one which makes me want to run back to the seaside. This time, 2 characters in my picture... a little mix of colours...

Enjoy :)

I just love Fairies... "Fairy Meadows"

This is the latest Fairy in my collection... I experimeted with the blending of purple/pink/orange for the sky. I love the blue of her hair that goes so well with the gorgeous blue of the full moon.

Hope you like it :)

Japanese Garden: my latest

I have had this beautiful pieces of paper for a while... reminded me of the Far East, Geisha, Japan... I've had the idea to work on that theme and here it is... Mum and daughter enjoying a beautiful and peaceful garden. I feel the tones of yellow and red in the background draw you to the picture and a sense of tranquillity emerges.
Hope you like it :)

Blue dino: new in my collection :)

Finally a little dinosaur has appeared in my collection. Whilst selling at Christmas fairs back in December, I was told that dinos were very popular amongst little boys.
And here is my Blue dino, without any worries in the world... playing around with colourful butterflies. I used acrylic paint and collage for this piece and the deep blue colour of the dino has really come out in such a way that he seems to want to escape and play with his spectator!  :)