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About Céline...

I launched Arty Kiddy in Autumn 2018, I am French and moved to Oxfordshire in the early ‘90s following my degree in Business and Marketing in France. I worked as an au pair for three lovely young children for 18 months. Then after working in commercial environments, I settled down to raise my two little girls with my Austrian husband. My love for art comes from an early age through the creativity of my mum, a talented artist who resides in Normandy, France.

I am self-taught, getting my inspiration from the amazing imagination and cheekiness displayed by my two intrepid and adventurous daughters. My art is mainly based on the exciting, dreamlike stories they act out whilst playing together and I take joy in transferring these observations into my work.

My aim is to make people, and particularly children, feel a part of my artwork so they can create their own stories, imagining what is just around the corner, stimulating them to express their ideas with confidence. I encourage them to develop their emotions through my art, nurturing their creative minds and providing them with a sense of escapism.

I work in a variety of mediums and love to develop themes where children find themselves in mysterious and magical situations, with a backdrop of pretty scenes or imagery. My vibrant style uses bold colours and touches of surrealism and incorporates a sense of humour and discovery.
When I first started, I focused on creating art for children; I have recently discovered Digital Technology and I have turned to a different style altogether. My approach to Art is simple: “give it a try and see where it takes you”. This transpires in my latest pieces which are very different from where I started: Art for children versus landscapes and sometimes dramatic sceneries.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE - ©️ Celine Beaugrand/Arty Kiddy
All physical artwork and digital image artworks are copyright ©️ Celine Beaugrand/Arty Kiddy - All right reserved.
Any use of her artwork including reproduction, modification, distribution or republication without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.